Make more out of your XML-data with XSLfast



  • Design your own templates in a few minutes - for database publishing or print-on-demand
  • Create forms, catalogs, product sheets, invoices, price lists...
  • Use a page oriented layout for documents
  • Work with many layouts at a time
  • Easy to use editor, featuring WYSIWYG and drag & drop
  • No software programming skills necessary
  • Use a wide variety of data source formats, like XML, CSV and many others
  • XPath and XSL support for advanced users

The deployment of modern XML and XSL-FO technology allows for tremendous time saving, and has a correspondingly high savings potential.

Fast results

XSLfast is a tool which enables the user to create layout elements with an intuitive graphical user interface, thereby simplifying and accelerating the layout creation process considerably. (Works via XSL-FO stylesheets.)

Easy to use

With XSLfast, the creation of multilingual documents with one layout is simple and the easy-to-use graphical interface enables a pixel-exact positioning of static and dynamic objects in an WYSIWYG environment.

Widely used standard technologies

XML and XSL-FO are widely used standard technologies perfectly suited for publishing, cross media and forms processing applications.

XSLfast process